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The Truth About Sovtek 12AX7LP and LPS Myth

4/21/2000 3:03 AM
Tim C.
The Truth About Sovtek 12AX7LP and LPS Myth
Hi All,  
A few days ago there was some discussion about the Sovtek 12AX7 LP and 12AX7LPS. The LPS version is supposed to have a spiral filament and be quieter.  
I inspected both versions and noted that they looked identical. I listened to them and both were equal in sound and hum level.  
Someone made a comment that we would never know if this was hype or truth until a couple were cracked open.  
Well... I couldn't stand it wondering if they really were different. The detective in me took over and I cracked three of them open. Two LPS versions and one LP.  
Guess what, They are identical inside. There is no difference in the filament construction. I saved them in case anyone else wanted to inspect them.  
What say ye about this?  
Tim C.

dale now thats real tube dedication !!!!... -- 4/21/2000 3:08 AM
Steve Slick Better you than me, buddy. I'd 'bou... -- 4/21/2000 4:35 AM