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Re: Big Tubes

4/20/2000 1:02 AM
Ray Ivers
Re: Big Tubes
Hey Psycho Bass Guy,  
I hope you're a psycho for some reason other than seeking maximum gut-kick from your amp, because that's normal (isn't it?).  
I love KT88's, and six in Class B will put out almost 500 watts. I wish the NOS thing was hype, but I only ask one thing from a KT88 - will it put out full power in a Marshall Major ultralinear circuit? - and only three tubes have, so far:  
1) NOS Genalex KT88  
2) National KT88-USA (made with the GEC machines)  
3) NOS Tung-Sol 010309 (Fender select 6550)  
This has a lot to do with screen dissipation and screen-mu and stuff like that, but it's the test I use. Nothing else - Svetlanas, KT90's, JJ's, etc., will do it.  
Continue the quest!  
Ray Ivers

Psyhco Bass Guy Maybe I lucked out, but the six Sov... -- 4/20/2000 9:38 PM