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Re: Marshall 1987X biasing question

4/13/2000 3:47 PM
Ken McGill
Re: Marshall 1987X biasing question
Rebel420 - Thanks for your reply.We did not  
measure the current in relation to the plate  
voltage.How is this done? Where are the volt-  
meter probes hooked up? We,re getting together  
for lunch today and enjoying a Marshall/Voltmeter  
sandwich :-). I did notice while it was idle  
and also playing that the tubes still glowed  
an even yellowish orange glow like before it  
was changed. Hopefully the current will work  
out right at this setting as it sounds terrific.  
THanks again  

Rebel420 simply, since you have a fluke volt... -- 4/13/2000 5:28 PM