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Re: best sounding 6l6 or el34 amp

4/8/2000 4:46 AM
Re: best sounding 6l6 or el34 amp
the reason i ask is because i bought a solid stat epiphone ep1000R that was gutted and a tube amp was put into it. It is currently not working...i bought it off ebay so havent seen it yet. I do know that it currently uses 2el34's. This is a small chassis so i think that i can at most get 2 el34's and 4 small preamps (12ax7) in There are already the pt and ot and a choke. I assume the voltage is up there so i assume i could only run 6l6 or el34's wich is also what i want to do....I plan on playing oasis style british stuff through it basically a 12string epiphone riv and a les paul. hopefully you guys can point me in the right direction as to what circuit would best suit my sound tastes  

Todd Dang, you're the guy that got the a... -- 4/9/2000 8:52 PM