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Re: 6CA7 Tubes vs Svet 6L6?

4/6/2000 3:46 PM
Ted Breaux
Re: 6CA7 Tubes vs Svet 6L6?
The problem is just the same as an EL34 or any other tube, the qualities of a 6CA7 will vary widely with the tube manufacturer. In general, as compared to a good EL34 (like a Mullard), a 6CA7 (Sylvania) will have a bigger, tighter sound, with better bottom and punch. Yes, the sound of a 6CA7 is softer than a 6550 (thank goodness), and the 6CA7 makes a great tube for Marshall amps. Unfortunately, the epitome of the 6CA7 (Sylvania) is well out of production, and is expensive when found for this very reason. I do not know of any modern tube which sounds quite like it. Just because a modern tube may be called a "6CA7" doesn't mean squat. I hear there is some Chinese EL34 (sold by Ruby) which comes fairly close to the old Sylvania 6CA7, but I don't know the details of this first hand.

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