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Re: Power supply wiring question

4/5/2000 9:46 PM
Re: Power supply wiring question
"/Other than appearance, is there any reason to shorten the transformer leads? Should any of the pairs besides the heater wires be twisted together and/or is there any harm in doing so?/"  
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Leads to the diode have big current surges on them because they only can "grab" current from the xfmr when the power supply has sagged below the voltage being produced at the rectifier.  
This is one of the times when a big cap bank actually is worse than a small one, because the power the amp is delivering is all sourced during a small fraction of the wave cycle. Big current means big radiation and it's an ugly signal, the 120 Hz rectified buzz, as compared to the hum of 60 Hz(in the US).  

anonymous Re: Power supply wiring question (revision) -- 4/5/2000 10:36 PM