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Re: Linkletter apologizes to Gil and Fuchs

3/29/2000 8:26 PM
Re: Linkletter apologizes to Gil and Fuchs
heh, how could I guess you'd find something to say to that, Trace...  
" take matters into our own hands and put a SS Crate into your hands etc, on an so forth"
ACTUALLY, I thought about buyin some old chezy Crates and Peavys (the SS ones OF COURSE!!), gutting them and using the chassis etc to build my own amps in... REALLY mess with people when you walk into a gig/the studio/whereever with a $10 crate you pick up at a garage sale... then you plug in and you have 'THE TONE'... people odnt have to know you built a nice plexi or dumble clone in your crate chassis *laugh*

Trace q{ACTUALLY, I thought about buyin s... -- 3/29/2000 8:33 PM