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Re: Squeals and Barks when Poking Pin 6

3/26/2000 8:38 PM
Re: Squeals and Barks when Poking Pin 6
a 6cz5 tube is electrically almost identicle to a 6973. all you have to do is wire a jumper from pin 8 to pin 1 across the tube socket. then the amp will be able to use either 6973 or 6cz5 tubes. 6cz5 tubes are much cheaper and you wont notice any difference in tone. your tube sockets are probably bad and need cleaned and retensioned or replaced. i have several of these valco 6973 amps and they sound great, especially with slide guitar. i wouldnt recommend using 6bq5's the 6973's really are a great sounding tube.i have other mods for these amps, if your interested you can email me. muddobber

beto I hooked up a jumper wire to the so... -- 3/27/2000 1:35 AM