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Re: Squeals and Barks when Poking Pin 6

3/26/2000 3:29 PM
Re: Squeals and Barks when Poking Pin 6
I just bought the amp last week and I don't know how old the tubes are. But I did find out this: the tube chart calls for 2 6973 power tubes. These are expensive IF you can even find them. But one of the power tubes is a 6CZ5 which is not an exact replacement. When I pull the 6CZ5 tube out and use just one 6973, the amp sounds much better. It still shorts in that socket however.  
I like these old amps, even with their quirks. And thanks for taking the time to answer. I really appreciate any and all advice I get on these boards.  

Bruce I suggest you pop over to these url... -- 3/26/2000 4:35 PM