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Re: stupid marshall tricks

3/22/2000 2:19 PM
Re: stupid marshall tricks
"So how do these differ from the not-such-a-good-choice, the Marshall Power Brake (which uses a multi-section rotary switch, a multi-tap transformer- or choke?"
The hotplate is one that I will NOT reverse engineer, probably becaue it would require a custom choke, and mainly becaue I ahve a LOT of respect for Andy Marshall (heh, with his last name, how could I not *laughs*). it basically IS the same concept as the Marshall Power brake-- Rotary switch using different power resistors, a choke or 2 and some caps. Sound tests between the Power Brake and the hotplate, well the hotplate wins hands down for the 'natural' sound of it. One common feature of the PowerBrake and the HotPlate is the tapping some of the power to drive a fan for cooling purposes. The PowerBrake gives you a few more 'steps' in the switch, ( I think the HotPlate has 6 or 8 if i recall, and the PowerBrake has like 20 or so). Other advantages of the hotplate, the lowest settin, you have a volume pot on there where you cna tweak the volume down evne lower, form barely on etc. There is also a 'load' position which i use all the time for biasing amps and repairs. In the load position, you can youse your head as a massive stompbox, utilizing the compensated line out on the back (adjustable volume on that as well). There are also 2 toggle switches for bass and treble boost on the front. PLUS the hotplate has a light that is part of the 'noise reduction' circuitry, and looks DAMN cool!!  
The hotplate just sounds a bit better to me and many others

Rebel420 oh, forgot to add... when I took th... -- 3/22/2000 2:20 PM