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previous: Mark Abbott Re: Suitable substitue FET for Humble clone. -- 3/21/2000 9:40 AM View Thread

Mark: FET + NOT by D...

3/21/2000 4:43 PM
Gil Ayan
Mark: FET + NOT by D...
" Once again thank you everyone for your help, I'll look, and see if I can get a @sk117 or the 2sk118, or a J201.  
OK Mark, if you can't, let me know and I will send you a couple of NTE JFETs, OK?  
"P.S. has anyone seen Bill Morgan's info on building a Humble, they look so close to the real thing it's amazing, ( the "by Dumble" label was a bit of a worry though). "
Isn't it? :) Yes, Bill has been my partner in crime for a long time, and particularly in this project.  
Now, don't get ahead of yourself, Mark. In the pictures of Bill's amps, the logo is blurred, and in the pictures of mine (yes, the chassis are obviously from the same litter) they have been "censored." However, they don't actually say "By Dumble" like the real thing. The logo would be hard to explain until you saw it for yourself... but let me assure you that even Stevie Wonder could 'see' it was not a real Dumble. :)  

Andrew >>P.S. has anyone seen Bill Morga... -- 3/22/2000 8:48 AM
Mark Abbott Once again thanks Gil. -- 3/23/2000 9:24 AM