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Re: supro supreme tone

3/20/2000 11:02 PM
Re: supro supreme tone
"Was trying to stir up some michief but you're the only one who bit (and very politely)."
I thought that's what you might have had in mind! (ha, ha) I do see your points though to be perfectly honest. Everyone spends time (sometime years) unraveling the mystery of the older Fender's and Marshalls. Once you figure out all the "voodoo" involved we tend to tweak the amps so they sound right to our ears and our needs.  
It makes sense when you think what was avalible 30 to 40 years ago. Now we have all sorts of new guitars, cabinets, speakers, gear and ideas.  
I didn't want to stir up too much trouble after that fellow named Jim Page was here (good lord! ha, ha) it would have looked rather hypocritical of me! (ha, ha)  
"Are you interested in a mid-50s "Sound Projects" R200 with 2- 12BF6s, a 50L6 and a 35Z5? :>"
Yes!! I'm very interested indeed!  

muddobber well thanks for your responses. i d... -- 3/21/2000 3:26 AM