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previous: Robert Re: Where to buy? -- 3/18/2000 6:25 AM View Thread

One Satisfied Customer

3/18/2000 10:47 PM
AnonymousOne Satisfied Customer
Robert, You are the lucky one. You must have bought the one item in Victor's inventory that did not require him to hide anything during/after the sale.  
I would not use that experience as an image of Victor's business practices. It is a false one. So if you plan to buy something else from him, use caution. I know you will not have the support of your credit card. He will not take them for larger $$ items ($50 and up) because of this.  
Again, I say these things only because I, and others I know, have been burned by this guy. Look around on the other BBS, or better yet, talk to folks at the guitar shows. I remain anonymous because in the past I've received threats of lawsuits and other garbage. And all I say is buyer beware.  
I agree with the others that you are best off buying from a private sale. Just have to keep looking.  

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