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Re: Advice Needed!!!!!!!!!!!! No hostility here ;o)

3/17/2000 4:24 PM
Re: Advice Needed!!!!!!!!!!!! No hostility here ;o)
"Sylvania 6ca7 is supposed to be the us equivalent of the el34 (jsut as ecc83 is the same as 12ax7),"
I was asking a buddy who works as a tech at Audio Classics (big hi-fi place) and he wasn't sure about but was going to check into it. I was hoping that they might have some of those tubes laying around. Who did you hear it from if you don't mind my asking(?)  
"however the Sylvania 6ca7 gives you a sound sometwhere between a 6l6 and a el34, you do compres abit, but you retian a bit of the 6l6 chime.. ironically as I stated before, the Sylvania 6ca7's are essentially 6550s' that dont meet spec. They have been long discontinued."
That's why I wantd to try these out. To see what they sound like. The only 6550's I like are the GE's but they are $40 a pop.  
"Ruby however is offering a Chinese STR-EL34B (make sure you look fo rthe el34 "B" ) This tube is a big bottled sylvania 6ca7 clone.. I personally cant tell the difference between it and the old sylvania (and they have WAY cool brown bases)... I think this tube may be something to consider..."
Maybe I'll try these to see what thay sound like!  

Rebel420 q{Sylvania 6ca7 is supposed to be t... -- 3/17/2000 10:06 PM