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Re: Marshall coupling caps

3/17/2000 1:31 PM
Dai Hirokawa
Re: Marshall coupling caps
>>Do you know of any sonic benefit to using this particular cap  
@@(Although I think I have a couple of these types somewhere--too lazy to go look), I've never tried these in a guitar amp, so I don't know if there would be any sonic benefit. I've tried other oil caps and some I liked because they seemed a bit darker and warmer compared to other types I tried.(To my way of thinking, it seems that caps with poorer high frequency response and maybe more 2nd harmonic distortion would be better caps to use in a guitar amp, so perhaps the ones I liked exhibited some of these qualities--don't know for sure though).  
@ Personally, I think the value of a component is relative to how it's used and who is doing the listening. If something sounds better to you and works okay(doesn't leak or blow up, etc.), I'd say that that is the component to use.  
>>do you think it was a case of that's just what they had on hand at the time?  
Could be. Hard to say for sure given the little info there is.  
Dai Hirokawa