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Where to buy?

3/16/2000 8:04 PM
AnonymousWhere to buy?
I am posting this reply as "Anonymous" because in the past I have shared my experiences about dealers, and found myself the target of threats. (From a West Coast dealer, no mention of names, PP)So, I have heard mostly negative things about the two dealers you've mentioned, Plexi Palace and Toneheaven. Plexi Palace is run by a guy named Victor who is quite frankly, a used car salesman.All you need to do is attend just one guitar show, and you will find MANY folks who are unhappy with their dealings with this character. Also, a big red flag is his new policy of NO CREDIT CARDS for any amplifier you buy. THis was done to remove any protection the buyer might have. Someone told me they even offered to pay EXTRA to use a cc...Still, NO. A real jerk. Stay away!!Next, Toneheaven. All one needs to do is look through archives of any of the amp boards, and you'll find angered victims of this guys dealings. He is not available via phone, and often does not produce an item even close to what you had paid for.This is Victor, on an even deeper darker level.So where should you buy? That's a tough question. I have bought from Music Ground, and I did get the amp, as described. But like two months later!! There are a few dealers I have not heard negative things about. Kiss My Amp, Guitar Oasis, Ampaholics. But you never know. Be very carful.And good luck. Please share your experience with us. We really need to help each other out when making these great vintage purchases.-Anonymous

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