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Re: Marshall Brown Sound

3/10/2000 5:24 PM
Bryan James
Re: Marshall Brown Sound
you are right. pick techinuq or fingering style. has alot to do with the sound. ie a friend can fingerpick my 6 string and it sounds balanced and nice. when i do it anytime i hit the low E with my thumb it loud and booming....(probly has something to do with the fact that i don't use picks while playing bass and when i switch to 6 or 12 string i over attack it while finger picking.) but here a another test to try Liam, my current gig setup is a crate 130 with twin 12s (it sound much better when i this amp through my 4x12 cab.) but i do notice a difference reponce and sutain and sound to the amp. when i either a) play through the stock preamp or when i bypass the preamp with a tube preamp i've built. the amp has more characture with the tube front in. so there is definitely many factors in the sound.  
weather it's the amp, the player or even the guitar.  
i notice a huge difference between my LP copy (seymour duncan pickups) and my ibanz 6-12. i would hate to here what a strat sounds like through it.  

Liam Yep, that's exactly it. But you kn... -- 3/10/2000 6:11 PM