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Re: what is brown sound?

3/8/2000 4:09 PM
Bryan James
Re: what is brown sound?
here's a question.  
the brown sound that people are trying to get do you think that it's generated in the preamp section. the power section or both.  
reason i ask is i've been thinking after reading these post would it be better to reduce the power going to the preamp section and leave the voltage to the the power section alone to give you the head room.  
the reason i've been think about this. is that all the articles and the people i would trust say to leave your filments at 6.3 and rebias your amp.  
now i may be wrong bet when you rebias your output section your output section well preform the same as it did before bet with less output wattage.  
but your bias on your preamp would be off because of the voltage change and that would effect current. and the q would be effected.  
so then what about comeing up with a way to lower the b+ after the output section.  
just been thinking. be intrested what people think and if i'm braking up the right tree

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