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Re: marshall 2203 brown sound...Tonefactor

3/6/2000 5:28 AM
Re: marshall 2203 brown sound...Tonefactor
>Really?? I didn't know this! Hell, I'll be getting me >some of those 6550's then. I like the GE 6550's a lot >for clean power. They rule as far as 6550's go.  
Yea, I grew up 5 miles out of the town of oen fo the biggest Sylvania factories (St. Marys Pennsylvania -- ALSO the home of Stackpole switches and resistors!)  
and 15 miles from the last Sylvania plant to make Tubes (Emporium, PA). Needless to say, there are a LOT of old-timers in my area who have boxes and boxes of NOS sylvania tubes... Got a couple pairs of 6v6's myself... and HAD access to a LOT of 6w6's, which woudnt be a good 6v6 substitute, but for my hoembrews.. I could have had enough to make some 3-4 Watt Champclones for a few years ..  
>putting a 6550 in my wah ;-)  
Did you try the ef86 based fuzzwhah that Eric Barbour from Svetlana came up with.. plans are either on his site or on the ax84 site... heard a few soundcips of it into one of the ax84 P1's (1-12ax7,1-el84 SE amp)... talk about "the" hendrix tone!!  
>Yepper!! :) Fender's sound cool with different power >tubes but many people feel they loose the Fender'y >twang/jangle that people love.  
I noticed tthe people who used El34's tend to be a) pedal steel players (who also LOVE 6550's), and Jazz players, and some rockers who use a lot of effects, and want a more transparent clean tone.. but yea, they just dont give that Fender vibe.

Trace q{Did you try the ef86 based fuzzwh... -- 3/6/2000 2:42 PM