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previous: Steve Dallman I've got a 100watt Mitchel head. It... -- 3/3/2000 1:12 AM View Thread

Re: mitchel amp

3/3/2000 6:00 AM
Re: mitchel amp
thats wierd, mine isnt a head, it is a combo 100 watt amp using el34' cant use anything elese b/c the spacing is way to close to fit it into the package. i picked it up for 50 bucks on ebay one day. it's a simple amp no reverb in mine just a single channel with two 12ax7s and an at7 driver. The preamp doesnt have a 6 band but follows the general fender tone stack and has two gain controls on it and then a master volume. The quality of the components is really good suprisingly. about what size is yours? I cant get any info on the amp as my friend said it looked like a prototype as there were no labels and no chassis screening  
thanks for the reply