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Re: OT transfomer design for a single-ended KT-88

2/29/2000 11:59 PM
Re: OT transfomer design for a single-ended KT-88
Re. letting someone else make the design decisions: A friend paid Sowther in the UK to design and build him a pair of power and output trannies for a SE 572 amp. When he got them, much later, the OT didn't meet its bass spec. They cost almost $2000. On the other hand, there is little that was published about audio taransformers, and to this day the people involved try their best to tell you NOTHING, at least that was my experience when I tried to commision a trany to go from an output tube stage of 6550's to E-stat speakers (rather than two transformers in series to feed the speakers).

Ken Gilbert {I tried to commision a trany to go... -- 3/1/2000 12:03 AM