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Re: Odd Schematic needed

2/28/2000 7:44 PM
Re: Odd Schematic needed
Didn't get to draw the schemo this weekend, but I did just post the digital pictures, on the close-up you can see a good example of mid-air soldering, my *specialty*. I didn't work on this amp yet, it came that way.  
They are on my AOL page which I have never turned into a real web page:  
Click on Davis106A.jpg and Davis106B.jpg.  
There is also the one-tube preamp I started modifying earlier, it was a neat acquisition with a solid copper chassis, it is a Dynamic Preamp Model PA110. It is now working, even with the original *Dry Electrolytic* cap and selenium rectifier. The way I've got it set up now (with a 6186 replacing the incorrect 6AQ5 that was in there) I am getting a measurable gain of 90 from this single cold-war pentode. A 500mv P-P guitar signal input produces 45V P-P from the output, should be enough to drive a power amp fairly well by itself. IIRC on one picture there is a 12AX7 placed next to the 6186 to show the difference in tube size.  
Hang in there & I should have the davis amp figured out before too long . . .  
BTW Reb, I liked the audio files on your site, sounds like you are doing some nice work.  
You might check out the MP3 & WAV files at mine just for grins, I'll post the PA110 clips as soon as it is tweaked, big difference this preamp makes, I already like it better than the Crate TDP which is a good (discontinued)commercial unit with lots of knobs, even without a knob this thing rocks . . .  
Best Regards,  

Rebel420 Thanx for the compliments and yoru ... -- 2/28/2000 7:56 PM