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Re: Peavey 5150 anyone

2/28/2000 2:17 PM
RichieRe: Peavey 5150 anyone
Oh gosh.. you ever see his rig?.. A wall of these  
numbered.. on stage.. then off to the side offstage..  
the real amps he plays..the old marshalls,  
in a rack. He does use the 5150s..glad I'm not  
his tech.. these are about the biggest pain to work  
on that I have got into.I bet his tech has a truckload  
of preamp tubes... cause it takes good ones  
to keep these gain beasts from making noise..  
6 gain stages!! And i played a few of these.They don't sound bad..Maybe the best sounding amp  
Peavey makes. But way too much gain .. i don't know  
where you could get that dialed in to sound good.  
And you know there is someone that will crank  
the gain.. and put a fuzz pedal in front of it..I go to hear  
alot of bands play. And so far the best tones  
I have heard are Eric Johnson, Joe Satriani,  
And Robin Trower.. The Bogner is a great sounding amp.  
I agree with Trace.. the micas are a bit to  
bright in a marshall..You can do many things to this amp  
some like these amps more than there plexis.I have a  
77 2203..and a 66 plexi 1959T.. You can change the feedback circut too to help the amp, along with the tone slope resistor,and coupling caps,The one thing i'd do first  
is to put sheilded cables on the inputs.  
i like EL34s in a Marshall..Just my preference..  

Rebel420 I would evne bet if pretty much any... -- 2/28/2000 2:23 PM