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Re: Tubes for MusicMan

2/27/2000 8:40 PM
Re: Tubes for MusicMan
I think rebel has the right idea on the  
Music man amps. Some had 6L6 tubes and  
still high plate voltages.. Like around 700v  
But as Rebel poated the tube is made to run  
different in these amps. Since these amps  
are more your Fender type amp. I'd stay with  
the big bottle tube...Most i have seen of these  
came with Big bottle 6CA7s. or 6L6 tubes.  
I read some where of depending on the tube type used  
should run 7.5ma bias or somewhere about there about,  
Could be wrong.. but i know it was low .  
{~}==::: Richie  

rebel420 The schematics state 500mv across t... -- 2/28/2000 5:34 AM