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Re: Any one ever build a plexi head?

2/27/2000 8:08 PM
Re: Any one ever build a plexi head?
The difference in the sound of a plexi  
and bassman,Alot depends on alot of things  
,the transformer as Speedracer and others  
have found will make a difference. It depends  
on what guitar to what speakers are used.  
I built some plexis from old sunn amps..  
And they use dynaco transformers.And sound great  
I have used the generic OT from new Sensor.  
2,4,8, ohm taps.. in plexis clones..  
and have good results with them.They breakup  
a little more when overdriven.But a good sound.  
i have used an Ampeg.. well i tried many  
different ones.If you build the plexi  
it will still have the overall sound of one.  
Tubes used will make a difference..  
I use EL34.. tubes..The Marshall Jtm 45.  
was more a knockoff of the bassman amp.  
With little changes that have been posted.  
{~}==::: Richie