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previous: Tim C. Trace,It is definat... -- 2/27/2000 6:49 PM View Thread

Re: Hey Trace

2/27/2000 7:47 PM
Re: Hey Trace
I have been following this post for a bit  
and I think as others have posted.Its a late 69.  
a good clue on dating the Marshalls to get you in the  
ballpark figure is where the caps are  
mounted on the chassis.From 68 on the filter  
caps were on the top of the chassis.From late 66-->  
67 it had one can cap by the power transformer  
the others mounted under the chassis.  
66 and earlier 100 watt models had all the  
caps under the chassis. Also the way the  
output transformer is mounted..  
which direction it is placed.In 68 amps the bells  
of the OT will be facing yo, looking from the back  
ealier models they will be the other way.  
bells>-->[||] <--< ealier than 68..  
Now for he hum question.. can you teach it the  
words so it don't hum...(sorry a little  
sunday humor) Try to disconnect form everything  
except the fuse..(no load) and see if it still hums  
I have seen these in other amps too  
Like a vibration.If its bad you can try and  
mount rubber washers to help.if you want  
try and use the transformer.If it still  
hums with no load applied.. you may have  
to change it...if the amp is picking up the  
hum. Maybe are experts might help us here?  
R.G. DOC, GW, R.A.?? The transformer may have been changed years ago  
who knows.. So that may be why it is a  
different mounting. Hope this helps..  
But the date code you gave says to me  
late may not have the plexi panels  
but still should sound like one..unless  
that plastic panel has a magical tone  
difference.."laughing".just more for collecters.  
The first Marshalls were built in 62..  
and were 50 watters.. the 100 watters  
didn't come along till around 66..  
So this being a 62 100 watter..sounds a  
little weird to me. unless he still has the  
reciept of purchace..I'd think.. "he thinks"  
it was 62.. {~}==::: Richie

Trace Richie;Excellent po... -- 2/28/2000 7:05 AM