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Re: Odd Schematic needed

2/25/2000 11:16 PM
Re: Odd Schematic needed
Hi Reb & All:  
Well, I've got the Davis model 106 here in EX+ condition, still never plugged it in, or even opened it (until now). Just pulled the tubes years ago, they were good RCA's.  
Could be the same thing from a later decade, mine has 1973 date code on the can cap which looks original and overall seems like a period correct assembly for 1973. Probably one of the later examples of true point-to-point wiring, no component board of any type, actually the only kind of wiring I was *formally* trained to work on, so you know how long its been since I had electronics classes ;-)  
Has knobs for MIC, MUSIC, and TONE, plus power switch and screw-on mic connector on front.  
Rear panel has fuse, 2-prong unpolarized line cord, 8 screw terminals L to R: C, 4, 8, 16, 25V, 70V, and a pair for Low Z in. Then two RCA jacks; Booster Out, and Phono In.  
Lay down Power xfmr about the size of a Champ next to the 6CA4, then OPT bigger than a 125E vertical mounted by the 6BQ5s, then a 40/40/30@450 can cap by the 6EU7 which has a conical press-on shield.  
I always thought this would be worth study but I usually prefer to convert single-end PA's for guitar, and this seemed too clean to change anything so far.  
I will trace it out for you, that will be easy, getting it into a graphics file will take time though . . . what software would you suggest for quick drawing or what file type, I tend to prefer JPG.  
Until then I've just taken a couple fuzzy digital pictures, I'll try to post them and let you know the URL before too long.  
Hope this helps,  

rebel420 that's the EXACT amp I have... quit... -- 2/26/2000 7:35 AM