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actually quite a deep issue

2/23/2000 6:13 PM
Stephen Conner
actually quite a deep issue
Hi Mark,  
Turning off the rectifier heater would have the desired  
effect. However, and this is especially true with 'soft  
start' indirectly-heated rectifiers like the GZ34,  
every time you warm the rectifier up onto a load (ie with  
the power tubes already hot) you will damage the cathode  
coating a little. The life of your rectifier will probably  
be reduced.  
Having said that, with the usual standby switch  
configuration, the current surge when you flip the switch  
to 'operate' will damage the cathodes too. The question  
is, which way does the least damage? Who knows? Not me.  
I *do* know that disconnecting one of the AC rails from  
the rectifier to reduce the voltage is a no-no.  
You will not get much of a reduction in voltage, but the  
remaining half of the rectifier will be overloaded and the  
transformer will hate it too.  
Steve C.

dpcoyle As long as the heater is warm, you ... -- 2/23/2000 7:59 PM