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Re: Randall Aikens's Amplifiers

2/18/2000 5:18 AM
Randall Aiken
Re: Randall Aikens's Amplifiers
Possibly in a few weeks, depending on some of my parts suppliers, and who I choose to go with for the final chassis. I'll be getting some new combo cabinets in soon, and I may post a preliminary picture on the website for anyone interested.  
Things are going slow by necessity, because I am 100% self-funded, and if I purchase everything at once, I don't eat for a few months! In addition, when you order custom-made parts in quantity, there is usually a 4-12 week lead time on the parts. However, this is the only way to keep costs down so you can manufacture an amplifier that doesn't cost a fortune! Also, I am a perfectionist by nature, so I have to have everything exactly right before I am satisified. I hope the end result with be worth the wait!  
I *hope* they become collectable, but I sure hope people don't have to pay ridiculous prices for them like Trainwrecks and Dumbles! Besides, I'm just a nobody compared to those guys, so I'm not holding my breath.  
BTW, I will soon be selling parts on the "Parts" section of my website. I have been ordering everything in 100's and 1000's, and have offered some of the extra parts to the Ampage co-op guys as a special offer, but I plan to make it a regular item. I'll specialize in kits of small quantities of several different values at much lower prices than you'll find them elsewhere. Resistor and cap assortments will be first.  
Randall Aiken

Mark Abbott Dear Randall ... -- 2/18/2000 5:35 AM