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Re: Transformer question

2/14/2000 8:54 PM
Re: Transformer question
I'm a beginner too, and I agree books are the way to go. I ordered some of Kevin O'Connors books. Others recommend Gerald Weber's books. Torres also has a popular book out but he is a controversial figure, so I stayed clear for now. Try, and  
While you wait for the books to show up in the mail, surf to Projects->AX84-P1, and print the ax84theory document. A dozen pages, maybe, but good info none the less. There is also a good document on the railrocket, but you will have to search the forum to find it. It is not yet on the railrocket page.  
As for being a troll, don't worry about it. A loose definition of a troll is someone who is looking for trouble, which you don't seem to be doing. Trolls do exist in the online world, your opening question made some wonder. This is a pretty friendly place with very minor exceptions. As far as I can tell, this group has taken a bunch of people from beginner to making their own homebrew amps. No small feat!  
Gotta run,  

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