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SS bass combos for jazz guitar?

2/14/2000 4:05 PM
fetSS bass combos for jazz guitar?
I just bought a Peavey MicroBass amp - closed cab, 1 x 8" speaker, 20W RMS, made in China - to use as a clean guitar practice amp - $109 plus tax. This thing sounds great for jazz guitar - very quiet, loud, hi-fi tone - and no expensive features I don't use, like distortion, channel switching, reverb.  
Anybody else use SS bass combos for clean guitar? And any models you might recommend? Thanks in advance.

Charlie Escher Not a combo, but I use my bass rig ... -- 2/15/2000 4:40 AM
ken g they're a good deal more expensive,... -- 2/15/2000 4:14 PM
Doc Some jazz players use Polytone amps... -- 2/15/2000 9:04 PM
Don Symes I liked the sound I got from my Amp... -- 2/16/2000 1:01 AM