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Re: Transformer question

2/13/2000 12:50 AM
SpencerRe: Transformer question
All the resistors should be at leat 1/2 watt, except the ones in the power supply and in the output section where they get as high as a 5 watt rating. I don't recommend buying stuff from radio shack as their prices are rather high. Tech America ( is affiliated with Radio Shack but has MUCH better prices and a MUCH MUCH better selection than a Radio Shack, even better, they don't have a minimum order requirement. Instead of replacing parts with trial and error, you should download the schematic of the amp that has all of the correct component values and check the values of the components in the amp with a Digital Multi-Meter, if there is a component totally out of range with what is on the schematic, it needs to be replaced. Start with the power supply, then to the preamp and finish up with the power amp. Also, I'd recommend that you pull all the tubes from the amp and put some other tubes you have from a known working amp into it, they don't have to be new, just working. This alone may solve your problem. Just some points to start from, and remember, amps have LETHAL voltages in them. You may even want to bring it to a pro amp tech as he'll most likely have the tools and know how to diagnose the problem right away so you don't have to waste money purchasing components and have that not be the problem. Again, Good luck and happy debugging... Spencer