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Re: B+~325VDC homebrew amp questions.

2/11/2000 5:08 AM
Re: B+~325VDC homebrew amp questions.
Thanks a lot Bruce,  
1. I dont know what I was thinking. I knew that the PS series resistors are used to set plate voltage. I'm not dead set on cathode bias I just thought that it would be a simple implementation (and since all I have is around 325V, likely Class A operation - but not by design). Fixed bias is a good option since I would like as loud clean sound. You dont like the sound of cathode bias? I might add a switch to choose. The PT has a 115VAC secondary unused so I could easily wire a separate Bias supply from this.  
3. Thats a good idea (balance and bias adjust) I'll use it. Come to think of it my red-knob Dual Showman has this.  
4. Some tube-distortion at lower volume would be my interest Any suggestions?  
Thanks again. I am going to need more help as I get going.