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Re: PLease...ampeg opinions?

2/10/2000 12:18 AM
Re: PLease...ampeg opinions?
The tech should have pulled the PC board and remelted all of the solder pads that connect the front panel components - jacks, pots, and switches - really common SLM problem. SLM products use "clif" jacks, probably a brand name, and these are just about the cheapest current production audio jack available (although slightly better than what Fender uses IMHO) - all plastic jacks suck. To add another SLM sweeping generalization: almost all tube amp models use undersized screen grid dropping resistors for the output tubes (either in the PS string or directly feeding the grids) - if you buy this amp just go ahead and replace the resistor, I usually replace the stock ones with 10 watt units. The model you are interested isn't hard to service - avoild like the plague any "voodoo" models or the "turbovalve" if you intend to do your own service or mods - these beast usually take about 1/2 hour to gain access to the foil side of the PC board and there is no way to test the repair/mod without reassembling the unit - an hour to replace a resistor!!!  

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