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Re: SLO 100 clone bleeding channels problem

2/5/2000 6:17 PM
Re: SLO 100 clone bleeding channels problem
Joe!!!, and Steve:  
I've verifyed PCB layout in my yamaha t100: the clean signal trace to V3 is completly surrounded (a sort of "Aliens" scene;-)) from plate resistors, cathode resistors and decoupling caps from V2a/V2b (lead tube).  
The simpler solutions I think is not to use the "clean" trace (between 120pF/2.2M and 220K) in PCB and substitute it with a wire separated from PCB (at what a distance, and shielded or not?). This is not a very neat solution, but the T100 PCB layout is not neat at all...  
Another solutions: substitute new V2 resistors and caps soldered at 1/2 inch from the PCB. Not so neat, eh? What you think?  
About clean channel's bleeding: can I add a simple LDR in series to V3? Some impedance or level problem?  
Sorry for my english (it is as good as my amp;-)).  
And many thanks.