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Re: silicon is cool

2/3/2000 5:16 PM
Re: silicon is cool
When I bought the Washburn I tried a Peavey of similar size. Altough the Peavey had more features like separate gain and volume pots for the lead sound and active EQ, the Washburn tone just smoked it (Even my wife noticed the difference in tone). And for half of the price.  
I have the schematic for the Washburn, it's real simple stuff: two gain stages from a JRC4558 followed by red led's to ground for clipping. The power stage is a TDA2030. It's an easy design for a beginner DIY project but I'm afraid it won't sound as good with a different speaker.  
Anyway Epiphone has a tube amp (I think it's called Regent 30 or something like this) that is supposed to be very small and cheap.

Preben Hansen Just to supply with some info.<... -- 2/4/2000 8:19 AM