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Re: silicon is cool

2/2/2000 4:59 PM
Re: silicon is cool
"Anybody played this little amp: ?"
If you're looking for a 10W solid state amp that is cheap and has a nice tone try the Washburn VGA-15. It looks good too with tweed looking vynil covering and chicken head knobs :)  
You can hear its clean tone on  
look for the song "Noite" - the first solo is the Washburn amp.  
It's not got enough gain to enter the Heavy Metal territory, but when cranked it breaks up nicely at an apartment-friendly volume level. I think one key element is the speaker - it adds its own distortion before the solid state harshness gets too bad.

Mikko Helin Yeah, the tone of the Washburn on t... -- 2/3/2000 3:18 PM