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Appropriate for Lightning (3x12AX7) type?

1/26/2000 1:24 PM
Appropriate for Lightning (3x12AX7) type?
Benjamin (and any other helpful techs out there),  
Similarly - but with a couple twists - I was going to build a Matchless Lightning clone (which is like the Spitfire but more Vox TB-like, with interactive Bass & Treble and two 12AX7s in the preamp, plus of course another as driver/phase inverter)...  
...But now I'm thinking of adapting this to a two-channel amp, one Tweed Fender-style (vol and tone only with a single 12AX7, probably doubled up Spitfire style) and one Blackface Fender style (Bass, Treble, possibly Mid -- and again a single 12AX7. All feeding the same 15W Class A, AC15-style output setup in the Lightning/Spitfire.  
FINALLY, THE QUESTION: forgive my limited knowledge, but with the extra 12AX7 in this configuration, would either of the Hammond PTs mentioned be appropriate, and could I therefore leave out the Zener trick to bring the voltages down?  
Thanks in advance for any help.  

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