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Re: "Generic" amp w/6V6's

1/20/2000 10:54 AM
PeterHRe: "Generic" amp w/6V6's
The Generic amp needs some fine tuning. Unfortunately I am not in a position to go cranking 50 watt amps everytime I change a cap trying to see how it i'm going to try mine in front of a champ power amp. When I get close i'll try the 2/4 6V6. Let us know how you go.  
I have a Kelley running 480v on the plates of a set of 6V6's and it runs well with NOS tubes. Also a guy told me he is actually running 6V6's in his early Dumble that was originally 6L6. I assume this would be in the high 400's plate voltages. I should have quizzed him about the actual plate voltages. Personally I would stick to 400 volts on the plates.  

Todd Dang, man, those Kelley's are runni... -- 1/21/2000 5:50 AM