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Re: Rectification Tube?

1/9/2000 12:59 PM
Re: Rectification Tube?
Can i use a EZ80, EZ81 with a voltage of 340v?  
Or Can i adapt a 6.3v for a tube like 5u4gb?  
I believe you could only do this if the filament winding is separate from the rest of the tubes as the DC 'rides' on the filament voltage.  
I have also a 11.5v can i use this?  
for the rest of the tubes...  
The poweramp is 50+50W, which and how many rectification tubes?  
Two 5U4's should do it nicely. That would give you a decent low impedence power supply. That's a bit beyond my depth tho.  
Are you building a guitar amp or a stereo?  
I'd be more inclined to use SS rectification with that much power.  
Anybody else want to flesh out these answers?  

AlaskanPhoenix Thank you Marc!... -- 1/12/2000 11:20 AM