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Re:Still confused – maybe Randall Aiken?

1/7/2000 3:55 PM
Re:Still confused – maybe Randall Aiken?
You must have been taking notes while sneaking around my shop again! :>)  
My only minor critique Randall...
"Also, do not tie the AC mains safety ground to this point; it should be connected to the chassis with a very short length of wire right at the chassis entry point."
I know this is old hat, but us old ham guys make the chassis ground wire the LONGEST one so it's the last wire to get ripped out in some catastrophic power cord yank.  
That way the chassis is still grounded and blows a main breaker or fuse somewhere if the hot and neutral wires come loose and the hot wire touches the bare chassis...  
all while you are trying to keep a hold of to as it hits the ground.  

Randall Aiken Bruce: excellent advice, as usual!... -- 1/7/2000 4:05 PM
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