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Re:More words of wisedom on the D_word clone?

12/30/1999 6:56 PM
Gil Ayan
Re:More words of wisedom on the D_word clone?
I've never found a stock electric guitar amp that sounded half-way decent with a piezoelectric pickup. Seems like if someone is paying $5k to $15k for a guitar amp, it is a nice touch to make it more usable with an electric-acoustic guitar as well... (Do you have a piezoelectric pickup to test it with just to see how much it really helps?)  
You know Steve? I actually do! for a while there I played acoustic for a living -- nylon string -- and I have this guitar with a Fishman system on it. True, while the majority of the guitar amps out there wouldn't sound half as good as a P.A. for piezo applications, maybe it is because of the 1 Meg input impedance.  
My thing has the graphic EQ on it, so I could tweak that scooping the mids and raising the lows and highs and get a reasonably decent sound through my Boogie amps when I gigged with the nylon string.  
I will see if I remember to check that and report back.  

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