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Re: Alessandro Beagle in new GP Magazine

12/30/1999 2:48 PM
Re: Alessandro Beagle in new GP Magazine
A flea clip is a little push-in terminal post made especially for using with perf boards, for prototyping or hobby circuit building in lieu of printed circuit boards. They're not really solid posts, but made from a special die-punched shape that's folded into an almost-cylindrical shape. You push it into the hole on a perforated phenolic board, at locations where you want to connect component or wire leads. There is a "stop" formed into the clip, so it goes about halfway through the board. Leads can be dressed through small holes or slits at the end, and soldered in place.  
The perfboard/ soldered flea clip method doesn't look as pretty as a PCB or a turret board, and is certainly not as vibration-proof as a PCB, an eyelet board, or a staked turret board, but is fine for an amp that's going to sit in your living room on top of Sorbothane feet while you play your jazzbox through it.

DavidB Thanks Doc!these guys really use fl... -- 12/30/1999 3:18 PM