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Re: Searching for Supro

12/30/1999 5:57 AM
Re: Searching for Supro
curtis, there were several different circuit variation of the supreme amp. it was produced from the early 40's thru the 60's under the supro, as well as valco, national gretch, dwight, bronson, oahu, ect names. the early circuits used a 5y3, 2-6v6. 6sc7, and a 6j7 pentode preamp. they had a 10' 4 ohm field coil rola speaker with a stamped code that read 550-3. they were lap steel amps, and the early ones had two imputs and a single volume control. later models added a tone control. then the 6j7 was replaced by a 6sq7 pre amp tube. later in the 50's, the cabinet wood got thicker, the tube line up changed to 5y3, 6973's for output tubes, and 12ax7's. the field coil speaker was dropped in favor of 10" ceramic jensen at 4 ohms. around 1958 valco went to a new circuit using an abundance of ceramic disk capacitors, i think all variations of the supreme sound great, my favorite being the 6j7 with no tone control being used with a telecastor guitar. i've been collecting these amps for a number of years, as well as a bunch of other valco amps, and vintage guitar had an article a few years back that featured pictures of a "wall" of my valco amps. i do have some schematics of the early valco supremes, and if you email me i would be glad to send you a copy if you include your snail mail adress. i hope this imformation is useful to you. muddobber