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Alessandro Beagle in new GP Magazine

12/23/1999 10:30 PM
MitchAlessandro Beagle in new GP Magazine
Has anybody seen the review in the new GP of the Alessandro Beagle amp? It has pictures of the inside of the chassis with the article. Looks like a 6SL7 preamp with a Fender type tone stack right after the first stage. A second 6SL7 is used for the LTP-PI to drive a pair of UL, cathode-biased Sovtek EL84's in Class A at 240V. The article says the output tubes for all the Alessandro amps are run in UL. The pictures are color so I was hoping to make out some of the values used on the resistors. It looks to me like 220k plate loads on the 1st 6SL7 and a 470 bias resistor on the PI. All the caps in the PI (except the input cap) are paper-in-oil and look to be the same size; I would guess 0.1 microfarad. The PI input cap and two of the caps in the tone stack look to be orange drops; they look like the 0.02 microfarad size and shape to me. I would love to hear your opinions on what all the values for the resistors and caps might be for this supposedly great sounding amplifier, as I was thinking of building something very similar but with 6V6 output tubes instead of the EL84's. Thanks.

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