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Re: 6v6 question

12/21/1999 9:22 PM
Re: 6v6 question
Be careful about what you think might be available only in NOS when it comes to tubes. Usually the 7408 is just an industrial numbered 6V6GT. We are not the only ones who are supposed to know this . . .  
International (Servicemaster) has been selling tubes a long time, their 7408 is just a relabeled old type Sovtek 6V6GT, maybe they have even had these on the shelf many years, it is labeled Made in USSR.  
Then one time I got some National (Richardson) JAN 7543's, which I assumed would be US made industrial 6AU6's, but NO . . . these have the typical Sovtek hardware for getter and shiny thin pins, they do appear ruggedized, and are date coded May 1985. They are labeled Made in Germany, but sure look Russian to me. Interestingly they are JAN tubes originally supplied to the US military by Richardson.  
Then there are the NOS 6L6GC from Richardson that are over 10 years old, but unfortunately are just the original USSR Sovtek old type, not even as good as their 5881.  
So buyer beware on tubes as well as amps, ask how old is the NOS and what country it was made in, maybe how long the present owner had them, where they came from, why they're selling, original boxes in good shape? tube printing perfectly intact? etc.  

Mark Knapp Interesting. JAN parts generally MU... -- 12/21/1999 11:56 PM