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Re: 6v6 question

12/18/1999 7:06 PM
Steve M.
Re: 6v6 question
Hi Dom,  
No the 7408 and the GT6V6HD are not the same tube. The 7408 is the industrial version of the 6V6GTA. AFIK, all 7408 tubes are NOS, no Chinese or Eastern Block versions have been made recently. The GT6V6HD is actually a 6L6 family tube currently made in Russia, imported by Sovtek. It is called a 6P3S in Roman letters or a 6[pi]3S in Cyrillic. Sovtek calls it a 6L6GB. It does have 2x the heater draw of a real 6V6 tube. Supposedly this is a weak 6L6, and does not last long in 6L6 circuits, but have never verified this myself.