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Re: 6v6 question

12/18/1999 2:28 PM
Dom G
Re: 6v6 question
Hi John,  
I recently bought a "supposedly stock" 68 princeton reverb thru the net. Turns out it has a diode rectifier, different pwr xfrmr, and GT6V6HD tubes. Out of curiosity I searched some groove tube sites and found at least one that states that this tube is a 7408. According to the RCA tube book, the 7408 is used in high quality audio circuits and has a filament current of .45 amps.  
Do you know if the 7408/gt6v6hd is the same tube, ie can be used interchangeabley? How can I find out for sure? How can I check the actual filament current draw. Thanx Dom

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