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UL connected tweed princeton, preliminary report

12/14/1999 4:43 AM
steve m
UL connected tweed princeton, preliminary report
Hi all,  
I just finished my UL connected Tweed Princeton project, and thought I'd post some preliminary findings.  
Basically this project was a Tweed Princeton circuit using a Hammond 125E in single ended mode with the center tap connected to the screen grid to make an ultralinear connection. Usually the UL taps are around 43%, but as this is a center tap it is probably nearer to 50%.  
I didn't have a chance to play it very much tonight, about 5 minutes total, but here are some initial impressions:  
The sound gets distorted in a hurry, it gets slightly so at about 9 o'clock on the volume, and gets really distorted about 1 o'clock. It sounds really compressed at all volume levels, but really compresses at about 3 o'clock.  
It sounds a tad darker than the other types of this amp I've built.  
Not a whole lot to report yet, as it needs some debugging and tweaking.  

anonymous Steve, It's workin... -- 12/14/1999 2:27 PM