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Re: Marshall JCM-800 50 watt top; any good?

12/1/1999 11:44 PM
Psycho Bass Guy
Re: Marshall JCM-800 50 watt top; any good?
I have also seen them with big bottled 6CA7's. Our band's rhythm guitar player uses one and it has always had fat 6CA7's in it. They're kind of like a cross between a regular EL34 and a 6550 anyway. It is the 100 watter and sounds downright awesome. (It crunches like peanut brittle candy!) If you want to use 6550's in one, any modern 6550 will sound good, excluding Chinese. I TORTURE Svetlana and Sovtek 6550's on a regular basis in my bass amps and can say that they hold up just as well, if not better, than old GE's.  
Also, the thing with the old Tungsol 6550's is just hype. They just sound like a 'regular' 6550 with less output. That means they have a sooner, sweeter breakup, but neither they, nor the old GE's are worth what the hifi market has driven their prices to. Now, if you want SERIOUS crunch, try KT88's and turn it into a smaller Major.  
Psycho (the very real one) >^}

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